From the Vault – 15 Years Later

Hell and highwater, win and lose, pass and fail, high and low. And as I read my musings of years past its apparent that for all the change, it's still the same. The players have different faces, the game takes place on new ground, but it's still the same. I muse now that I finally… Continue reading From the Vault – 15 Years Later

Spontaneity: real or symptom?

Staring into the mirror today I realized the greys are coming in fast and furious.  While considering what colour I should dye my hair this week, I then consider when the last time I even went for a haircut was?  Too long ago is the truthful answer.  Again I marvel at the power of vanity. … Continue reading Spontaneity: real or symptom?

Once Upon a Star

Being one of those people who just get a sense about people almost immediately when I meet some, I consider myself judgmental.  This isn’t a positive attribute I will admit, but an honest one. Most people would call it the ability to sense someone’s character.  Others would throw an “it” or “ist” behind another word… Continue reading Once Upon a Star