“I Have an Idea”

Once upon a time I was to stubborn to ask for help. We all have our own (insert reason here) for why we haven't, can't or won't ask for help. Over the years my reasons changed, but relying solely on myself during my most miserable times remained the same. It wasn't until after I reached… Continue reading “I Have an Idea”

Life Outside of My Head

Remember last week when I shared moments of gratitude? Well right now I'm grateful for sand fly bites. Yup! Those annoying little red dots that make me look like a thirty-something with chicken pox. I've started this post the same day as A Moment of Gratitude although you won't see if for a few more… Continue reading Life Outside of My Head

A Moment of Gratitude

Well hello there. This one is from the road as I am currently on vacation visiting with family on the other side of the country. I'm also a day late from my usual schedule, but I've just been having so much fun stopping to write seemed like work that I wasn't prepared to do until… Continue reading A Moment of Gratitude

Predicting the Future

Hello you beautiful human, I hope this finds you well today. Today is actually a travel day for me, I'm off to spend a long weekend with my favourite person on earth and do my best to just live in the moment. This leads me to consider a habit I have of going back and… Continue reading Predicting the Future

The Language of Depression

I did it again.  I woke up disappointed in myself, and my progress this morning.  Fortunately these days are becoming fewer and far between, but these days still exist and I’m sure you can relate.  You were having a good day, a better than average day, and you think because you’ve had the handle on… Continue reading The Language of Depression

To My “Other” Mom

This isn’t one of those hidden message posts, a chance to learn from your decisions in life.  This one comes purely from gratitude and love. Photo by Paweł L. on Pexels.com I’ve mentioned before that my “family” consists of my Dad, my “Mom” (step-mom) and my younger Brother.  What people don’t understand is that I… Continue reading To My “Other” Mom

From the Vault… Reclaiming Life (part 1)

I’ve taken my foot off the gas pedal of life for some time now.  Took the time to laze away and get back to me.  It’s rather difficult to decide what you want for your life when you’ve forgotten who you are.  I tried on a few hats, messed and mumbled and stumbled along the… Continue reading From the Vault… Reclaiming Life (part 1)