About Me

Zona Arqueológica de Tulum, Tulum, Mexico

Hello you!

Welcome to My Balancing Act! A place where I share my thoughts on living with mental illness in hopes to create meaningful discussion and reduce the stigmas.

I’m a curious soul and lover of life. Writing and photography are two passions that are also great outlets for me, even if my selfie game is sub par. I also enjoy dancing around the house like a mad woman, cooking new dishes, rocking out at concerts and getting owned in video games.

Time with my family is a big must for me. Enjoying the loving and supportive people in my life always reminds me to keep my chin up and appreciate the little things.

Travelling is always a highlight in my life, but by no means have I seen the world yet. One day I’ll win the lottery and get to see all of those amazing places out there.

I have lived with untreated, and undiagnosed, Bipolar for twenty years. My Balancing Act is my way of sharing that journey, and the adventure that is life with proper diagnosis. An advocate for living a healthy and full life, mentally and physically, no matter how that may look to each and everyone one of us.