What Being Better Means

Being better means going back in time. It means not accepting the changes that lay ahead. Desperately wishing to go back to a place that is comfortable, familiar and worn in.

Being better means feeling on top of your game, not under it. Living your best self each and every day, forgetting that no one gets it right every time.

Being better means thinking you have control over life. Not recognizing that you’re just a tiny part of a larger world.

Being better means praying to be just the same as everyone else, to be normal. Instead of remembering all the amazing things you’ve done in your life already.

Being better means growing and developing from who you were yesterday. Believing in yourself when it feels like no one else does, even if you don’t in the moment.

Being better means looking back and astonishing yourself with the truth. You’re a survivor, you’ve accomplished so many little things and so many big things you’ve forgotten. You are still here.

Being better means learning to live each day anew, welcoming the opportunity that comes with each breath. Realizing that the past doesn’t have to weigh as much as you make it.

Being better means forgiving yourself, treating yourself as you would a cherished friend. Learning to accept your mistakes and taking responsibility for all of who you are.

Being better means not accepting your fate, but creating your own destiny. Choosing to make the journey of your life yours.

Being better means being who you are.

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