“I Have an Idea”

Once upon a time I was to stubborn to ask for help. We all have our own (insert reason here) for why we haven’t, can’t or won’t ask for help. Over the years my reasons changed, but relying solely on myself during my most miserable times remained the same. It wasn’t until after I reached out that I realized help has many faces.

It was then that I realized life doesn’t have to be lonely and who you reach out to will change the help you receive. There is professional help ie: doctors, therapists, psychologists. There is help from friends and family ie: emotional, moral support, physical and maybe even financial. These are wonderful but I would ask you not to underestimate the help a new opportunity can provide.

All it took was a camera and a conversation with someone knowledgeable in website creation to set me on the path of making a dream a reality. Someone who listened to my poorly organized “idea” to say you know if you do a few simple things, what you’re describing is completely possible.

#mybalancingactca #notalone #justask #helpisokay #strengthinnumbers

This person shut down all the negative spiralling thoughts and false reasons for not jumping in and made a dream reality. One afternoon of brainstorming materialized what I wanted but believed myself to be incapable of.

Suddenly my focus shifted from all these ‘I can’t’ or ‘wouldn’t it be nice’, to all I need to do is this and I’m all set. The creative in me found an outlet, there was hope and promise to what I had kept telling myself would never happen.

Proceeding with caution so not to let the creative fervour take on what I know I can’t accomplish, I wrote out my ideas, set small goals, reviewed and adjusted as necessary. My thoughts have shifted from self doubt to passion and willingness to take risks. At the outset I’m okay with this idea failing, but for the first time in my life the idea of not trying feels like failure.

“What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, “what if you fly?” – Erin Hanson

This new opportunity is not exciting to me. Excitement is a temporary feeling that experience has taught me is not sustainable. No I am hopeful, curious and feeling adventurous. I see possibility, I see growth, I felt the ‘click’ when dream turned to reality. One conversation, one Google search and I was on my way.

Feeling satisfied is an odd and slightly uncomfortable place. Long has it been since I’ve felt this way, and it wouldn’t be happening if I had changed the subject or simply said no. Did I specifically reach out and ask for precise help? No. Just a conversation with someone who has different skills and talents who said “I could help you with that”. An opportunity from a general conversation, someone else thinking outside of the box for me, an outside and untainted perspective. Someone who showed me the future without worrying about the past.

Listen to the people you meet, ask questions, don’t be afraid to learn new things. People who are passionate about something are often eager to share their knowledge, to answer your silly questions and maybe even show you the ropes. They will guide you and encourage you, giving them a chance to share their interests at the same time. They can provide you with opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Just sometimes an opportunity is the help you need, a way to get out of the rut and into something that will open the doors and windows in your mind. Bringing in fresh clean air, dusting out the cobwebs of self doubt and certainty of failure. Sometimes all it takes is saying “I have an idea” out loud to change your life.

Do you have an idea you’re willing to share? I’m curious to know what people out in the world want to do in their lives, and if maybe putting it on here will create connections with people who can help to make those ideas a reality. Share your ideas in the comments below!