A Moment of Gratitude

Well hello there. This one is from the road as I am currently on vacation visiting with family on the other side of the country. I’m also a day late from my usual schedule, but I’ve just been having so much fun stopping to write seemed like work that I wasn’t prepared to do until now. Today I want to talk about gratitude, its a topic that has been on my mind since I stepped foot on the plane five days ago.

Have you ever been so thankful that you simply well up, tears clouding your vision, words escape you and your heart truly feels full? These moments of pure gratitude don’t strike me very often, so when it happened three times in one day I really wasn’t too sure what to do with myself. When it overwhelmed to actual tears two days later all I could do was just live in the moment, even if I looked a blubbering fool.

My trip was facilitated by a supportive and loving family, certainly not something I would have been able to arrange on my own. For this I am grateful. I’ve had the opportunity to just sit out, enjoying the beautiful nature around me and be present in the moment without my mind scrambling in all directions. For mindfulness I am grateful. Sharing laughs and good food with family and new found friends, being accepted for me without pretences, for this I am grateful. Seeing another part of this vast and wonderful world, for this I am grateful.

I’ve always done my best to practice gratitude each day, doing a better job some days over others but still a daily practice. Sometimes this helps to just pull me out of my head or whatever negative spiral I happen to be entertaining that day. Other days it serves as a reminder to be appreciative of all the little things in life that make it whole and complete. The opportunity to sit on my balcony with a fresh cup of coffee and a good book, the kindness of a friend, or a family that puts up with my many facets with patience and understanding. For all these things I am grateful.

Yesterday I watched my little girl Lucy, the Miracle Pup as I call her, swim in a Great Lake. Figuring I’d walk her in up to her belly to cool off, this Miracle Pup took to the water like ducks to a pond and damn if she didn’t surprise the hell out of me. Thinking back on it now almost has me in tears. This tiny little teacup Chihuahua swimming away like she was duck, no panic just a nice swim in the warm water. For this moment I would never have experienced at home I am grateful. For the family that made the trip possible, for the Aunt that brought me to a place where I could even entertain the idea of a swim, for all of this I am grateful.

Miracle Pup Lucy

These may seem small and simple to others, but for someone who currently has to live life one day at a time, this is the world. The smallest things can be victories, and if seen through the right lens something to be grateful for. My advice to others would try to find things each day you are grateful for, things that make your heart lighter if only for a moment. Hold on to those things, cherish them and share them with others if you can. It’s moments like these that make for a beautiful life.