Off the cuff – Waiting room fun

So I’m sitting in the waiting room and my mom, a hand talker, just dumped a Dixie cup of water down my legs. Proud of myself for not yelling out, or making a big fuss I burst out laughing. A crude thing to do in a medical office waiting room it appears. I get that people are in a solemn mood at the doctors, but why can’t we just laugh?

Why did it have to be such a faux pa for me to have a giggle at an honest mistake. Why have I given the time to even consider the reaction of complete strangers? What difference could my cold wet legs make to them?

I was hopeful it would mean a laugh, but apparently not. Recognizing judgement is not a pedestal to climb on, a little devil on my shoulder wants to cry out “lighten up people!” People in truth who looked down as I laughed while wiping up the water soaked seat I was in. I went to the washroom across the hall and dried off. Laughing all the way there and all the way back.

You know what I think? Screw ’em! I’m allowed to have a laugh, and if I can be the one laughing at what happened to me why the hell can’t you laugh with me. It’s these little moments of unscripted fun that make the days worth it. These are the unexpected chances for a true belly laugh that many people crave and many more take for granted.

So my dear readers, take heart that it’s okay to laugh. That not everything in life has to be so serious. And to those who were in the waiting room with me, I’m sorry you missed out on a great chance to laugh. To be silly and forget about all the world for a few minutes, because trust me when you feel a cold water splash across your thighs you do forget the world for a minute.

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