For my lighthouse

Once upon a time… that’s how many stories start.

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This story is different, it took more time than a simple one liner opening, and was far less dramatic than Romeo & Juliet.

No this wasn’t love at first sight, more like recognition.  As if they’d known each other for years instead of minutes.

This story took its time growing into love. Days turned to weeks turned to years before either would admit the truth.

Surprised the emotion went both ways.  Surprised that despite all outside factors they felt the same.

Still to this day mystified at the occurrence of butterflies and serene calm all at once.  How this is even possible was the question on each other’s minds.

The one seeing the other as a lighthouse.  Fluid and flexible as the water, creating safe haven in the storms, and magnificence in the calms.

The other seeing the light that shines despite the storm.  Someone who stands strong no matter the weather.

An unlikely but honest pair.  A pair that shone too bright to survive long.  A match made in the heavens, but borne on earth.

For my lighthouse I thank you.  For the calm during the storms, the light in the darkness, the love during the pain.  For the everlasting impact you have made upon my life.  For my lighthouse, never far from my mind if forever from my grasp.

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