From the Vault… Reclaiming Life (part 1)

I’ve taken my foot off the gas pedal of life for some time now.  Took the time to laze away and get back to me.  It’s rather difficult to decide what you want for your life when you’ve forgotten who you are.  I tried on a few hats, messed and mumbled and stumbled along the way to remembering who I am.  Jumped on and off a few wagons, trying different things out hoping to bring me back to the surface.

Today I’ve decided it’s time to put my foot back on the gas.  Time to hammer down and get back to a full speed life, not just crawling along looking for something that has been inside all along.

I believe, therefore anything is possible.

I had forgotten that life doesn’t happen to me, but rather that I make life happen.  I am the creator of my story, the architect of my life.  I know what I want, generally and specifically.  And while I may not yet know how to get the things I want from life, I’ve also remembered that I am strong. I am determined. I will make these things happen. 

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Life hasn’t always been perfect, or lovely, but I do remember that it’s only when I stood tall that I overcame the obstacles.  When I step back, take my foot off the gas and let life happen is when I have fallen to the darkest of places.

I believe, therefore anything is possible.

I am a woman who requires purpose and passion.  Driven to be a driver of change and positivity.  I need to make a difference and have pride in myself, my actions, and those I chose to surround me. Lazing away the days took me farther and farther from where I am supposed to be, from who I am, and who I am supposed to be.

I was disconnected and disengaged from life, and it was a difficult place to be each and every day.  The path back to myself will not be an easy journey, I know, but every minute of life on that path will be worth more than a single day spent hiding from the world.

Today my life is changed.  Today life is beautiful, wondrous, mystical, magical and fulfilling.

Today I am thankful for:

  • Strength & Courage
  • Brains & Determination
  • Health to get me where I need to be
  • Family for love & support
  • Friends for time, energy & compassion
  • A feeling of unconditional love that is so full and complete there is nothing in the world to compare.

Thank you for light and love.

This was originally written October 19, 2015.

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