The Language of Depression

I did it again.  I woke up disappointed in myself, and my progress this morning.  Fortunately these days are becoming fewer and far between, but these days still exist and I’m sure you can relate.  You were having a good day, a better than average day, and you think because you’ve had the handle on… Continue reading The Language of Depression

Spontaneity: real or symptom?

Staring into the mirror today I realized the greys are coming in fast and furious.  While considering what colour I should dye my hair this week, I then consider when the last time I even went for a haircut was?  Too long ago is the truthful answer.  Again I marvel at the power of vanity. … Continue reading Spontaneity: real or symptom?

Working with Professionals – Part 2: How are you feeling right now?

Part 2 in my series "Working with Professionals", a look into life in therapy. For the majority of my life I was self-managed in the mental health department. Deaths, failures, depression, divorce and trauma were in all in my wheelhouse. I had friends and family to vent to. Writing to explore and release my thoughts and emotions. When these failed I could self-medicate until I felt better or simply forgot the pain, if only temporary. Counselling and therapy were for the real serious shit, and my shit was never serious enough to need help.

Bored, bored, bored

What's worse than just being bored? Being restless and bored. You're searching for something that will pull you out of the rut but everything you start is abandoned or interrupted within a few short minutes. Nothing seems to scratch the itch. Energy bubbles through me like a shaken bottle of pop just waiting for the… Continue reading Bored, bored, bored

Working with Professionals, Part 1: Hey Doc, What’s Up?

Part one in my series "Working with Professionals". This time a look into relationships with doctors. Facing illness both physical and mental comes with its own set of challenges. It can be scary and frustrating and difficult at times. With the right communication, it can also be rewarding.

To My “Other” Mom

This isn’t one of those hidden message posts, a chance to learn from your decisions in life.  This one comes purely from gratitude and love. Photo by Paweł L. on I’ve mentioned before that my “family” consists of my Dad, my “Mom” (step-mom) and my younger Brother.  What people don’t understand is that I… Continue reading To My “Other” Mom